Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BYI's 1st B-Day

My first blog entry was on January 6, 2010, which makes this blog now one year old.  Quite honestly, there hasn't been much to blog about with regards to actual results in the construction of my rink, but I have enjoyed writing about other aspects of rink-building and skating outdoors.  Some highlights:
I'm really looking forward to year two of Backyard Ice, and I have many more stories for the blog bouncing around in my head.  However, I'm hoping that the next couple of months will be full of stories about our experiences skating in the backyard.  Oh, and speaking about that...

I've managed to get a decent start on my rink this year.  We had a green Christmas here in Beresford, and the first "big" snowfall we got after that melted away after a few days.  So, the only real work just started after we got a good bit of snow on Monday; on Tuesday night I spent some time splashing around in slush to work on the base.  It's now Wednesday, and I just came in from putting more water on the rink.  Its should be pretty cold for at least a few more days, so I'll be out there as often as I can puttin' the water to 'er.  Hopefully by the time a forecasted snow storm hits us on Saturday (20-30 cm, according to the Weather Network) my base will be built up and smooth enough to run the snowblower over it!

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