Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Some guys in Chicago were issued citations for using water from a fire hydrant to flood their backyard rink; you can read the article by clicking here.  They started off with a garden hose to flood nearly 4000 square feet of rink; I'm sure that this was taking much too long, so they decided to borrow 250 feet of fire hose from a firefighter relative and switched to the hydrant.  Great idea, but wouldn't the firefighter have known that it is illegal to use a hydrant & fire hose for anything other than putting out fires?  I think the word "borrowed" should have had quotation marks around it in that article!

Back here at my rink, I hope to write an article soon about the rink-building strategy that I will be trying for the first time this season.  Here is a hint...

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  1. Hello Chris,
    My name is Adam Huras, I am a reporter with the Telegraph-Journal newspaper.
    One of the Christmas features I am writing this week to run in the paper over the holidays is on New Brunswickers who make backyard rinks.
    This morning I stumbled across your blog – which is great by the way – and I hoping I could give you a call to chat. Send me a quick email when it would be best to reach you.

    Thank you in advance,

    Adam Huras
    Provincial Reporter, Fredericton Legislative Bureau
    New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal
    T: 506-451-7813 | C: 506-866-5703