Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Make-Or-Break Time: Update

My 3-part plan is still in effect. Here is a picture I took yesterday:

Except for some high-ground spots, the base managed to survive the rain and the high temperatures. The temperatures didn't drop low enough for long enough last night (or today), and we got a real good dose of mixed rain & snow after this picture was taken. As a result, the rink is kind of an almost-slush pool right now. Good news, though: the forecasted low for tonight is -10. That should freeze whatever is on there, and one or two floods should be enough to give us at least a good part of the rink to skate on.

Two more things you might notice about this picture: (1) the brook in the background now consists of fairly deep water sitting on top of the ice. That should parlay into a more-than-decent skating surface...for a little while. And, (2) there is absolutely no snow in the back yard. Yes, this is late January in northern New Brunswick. I get the feeling that it is going to snow here for the entire month of February.

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