Monday, January 25, 2010

Make-Or-Break Time

The crazy "winter" weather in this part of the world continues. My rink surface is just a bit less than 50% covered in very good ice. And now we are down to crunch time...the moment of truth...the TSN Turning Point.

The above Weather Channel forecast says that we could have 10-15 millimetres of rain over the next little while. Environment Canada is calling for 15-20 millimetres of rain, with temperatures spiking at plus 6. Both authorities think that temperatures will drop again after Tuesday night. Either forecast could result in an absolutely great flood for the rink, or it could be back to the ol' drawing board - again - if the base melts.

Currently, there is a little bit of snow on the rink, courtesy of a snowfall we received earlier today; also, right now we are getting some light freezing drizzle. So, based on the forecasts, here is my 3-part plan: (1) Scrape off the snow and "frozen drizzle" at the precise moment that the rain begins to fall. (2) Watch the rink anxiously as the rain falls and the temperature rises (while also watching tonight's episode of 24). (3) Hope that the base doesn't melt and that the rain sits there long enough to freeze.

Alas, the window of opportunity is closing. If the rink (such as it is) is ruined after tomorrow night, then I'll be hard-pressed to build it back up. Our skating season this winter might only be a day or two in mid to late February...which, don't get me wrong, is still better than nothing. For now, however, let's just hope that my 3-part plan works.

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  1. I've just completed step (1). It's not really raining that much - yet. The rain that is falling is sticking to the ice & snow on the ground and freezing almost right away.
    Now it's time to see what kind of trouble Jack Bauer is getting into!